Mr SkillMr-Skill allows you to get quotes from local builders and rated tradesmen. We have thousands of London builders and tradesmen waiting for you


Post your job online and let us notify London tradesmen and London builders

Describe the job that needs doing by filling out a quick and easy form. The more detailed your job description is, the easier it is for tradesmen to provide an accurate quote.

Posting your job with Mr-Skill is entirely free of charge and you are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes submitted by the tradesmen.

A job description typically includes the following information:

* Job title
* Ideal Job start & completion date
* Location where Job needs doing
* Your budget
* Approximate or exact dimensions (e.g. State the number and individual size of rooms if you want a painting job done)
* Any supplementary photographs

You get quotes from rated tradesmen and builders from London

Once you submit the job, we will notify local tradesmen and invite them to submit their quotes. The tradesmen are competing against each other, which ensures you will get the most favourable quotes. You could save up to 30% and more!

Some tradesmen may ask you questions about the job as they need more information before they can submit an accurate quote. In such cases, we will notify you via e-mail and give you an option to reply to them.

Compare the quotes you received from local builders and tradesmen. Compare the tradesmen's profiles for their feedback and ratings, qualifications and insurance

Once the quoting phase has ended, you are given a 90-day period to review and compare all quotes.At this stage, you are free to accept any of the submitted quotes or none at all (using our service does not come with any obligation!).

We strongly encourage you to take the time and browse through the tradesmen's profiles (information on liability insurance, memberships in quality standard schemes, registered business address, foundation date and size) and the feedback they received from previous Mr-Skill customers.

If you're happy with one of the quotes and found what you're looking for, you should accept your selected tradesman before the grace period ends. Once your job is done, you too are encouraged to leave feedback for the tradesman.

If your job needs doing urgently, you can also accept quotes before the quoting phase has ended, though this might not necessarily be the best quote