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Finding a Professional Tradesman in London

Imagine my surprise - waking up from a quiet nap on an early Saturday afternoon to the sound of my two young children screaming in the bathroom! One of the pipes running into the bathroom of our London flat had burst and there was water everywhere. I have used the Mr-Skill website in the past, in both my home and work, to find a London tradesmen for a wide variety of jobs. Of course, none of those were dire emergencies and I was hoping I'd be able to get someone out to our flat as soon as possible.

After shutting off the water I headed towards the computer and logged onto the site to find a tradesman. I quickly created a posting for my job, indicating that I needed a quick turnaround time for an emergency repair right in the heading. It's hard to find a good tradesman, and even more difficult to find one willing to come out on a Saturday afternoon, but with Mr-Skill on my side I knew I'd find help.

In under a half hour I had a series of bids from a handful of plumbers, all with great tradesman reviews. One had a free afternoon and offered to come out straight away. With a great quote and an offer for excellent customer service, I couldn't refuse!

I'm thankful I was home at the time the pipe burst. Otherwise, I would have been looking for a whole series of tradesmen, from plumbers to carpenters and tile experts, to redo my entire bathroom! The trusty tradesman who came out to our home that afternoon was an incredible professional and he saved us a lot of time and money. For that I'll always be grateful!

Michael Hayes, London

The perfect roofer

I have to admit I panicked when I first noticed a water spot developing on the ceiling of my daughter's bedroom. I knew I'd have to get the leak in my roof fixed before it became a major issue but as a single mother I simply didn't have the time to flip through the phonebook to find a tradesman - and I really didn't have a ton of money put aside to get a job like that done.

I tried, though. Thankfully, a friend noticed me anxiously flipping through the telephone directory at work, making a list of area tradespeople specializing in roofing. He suggested I try and I'm so glad I did. The process of listing a job on the Mr-Skill website was incredibly easy and I was amazed at the number of professional responses I received after making my post.

After posting my job I received several responses with a wide variety of budget ranges. All of the tradesmen bidding on my roofing job explained what they would need to do to make the repair, how long it would take, and exactly what it would cost. I was able to use the tradesman directory on to look up each one and read the tradesman reviews left by previous customers on the site. I have to admit - I was really impressed at how much information I was able to get from one source.

I narrowed my choices down to just two locals and invited them out to see my roof in person, check for any problems I might not have known about, and finalize their bids. In no time flat I had a final bid and my tradesman had set a date to get the job done. He was even kind enough to paint over the watermark stain in my daughter's bedroom ceiling.

The best part is that having a simple roof repair done didn't completely break my budget for the month. Now I can sleep well knowing my daughter and I are safe from the elements. Thanks, Mr-Skill!

Julie Amsmith, Dagenham

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