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Venting a Tumble DryerAn electric tumble dryer is a great asset in the British climate where washing can hang for days without drying and airing properly. The only problem with these marvellous appliances is that they pump moist air into the house where it steams up windows and fertilises the mold. The answer, pump the moist hot air outside – to do this Find a Plumber or read on below.

o Find a convenient place against an outside wall to stand your dryer, preferably where the lowest part of the dryer vent lines up with a point outside at least one foot off the ground. Before proceeding, make sure there are no pipes, cables or combustible materials between the dryer and outside.

o Carefully measure and very accurately mark a circle on the inside wall exactly opposite your dryer vent, then drill a ¼ inch hole through to the outside directly in the middle. Hire an appropriate hole saw from your local hardware shop (or several saws depending on the construction method of your home) and drill a short way from the inside. Finish the hole off by drilling from the outside making sure that the tool is cutting horizontally and allowing it to cool off from time to time. If you get as right as a Plumber in Venting a Tumble DryerLondon may, the two holes will line up perfectly.

o Insert the insulated ducting through the wall and attach it to the outside vent. Attached this vent in turn to the wall in a way that it can be removed for servicing. Returning inside, fit a collar to the duct inside and you are ready to connect up to your dryer.

Expert Tip As lint builds up inside the duct it creates a fire hazard to be taken very seriously. Avoid trouble – clean your vent out twice a year and if you are unsure how to do this get a Plumber Quote. Don’t give fire a place to start!

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